Gloria from Bethlehem, PA
Halls of Montezuma to the Halls of Cedarbrook

Gloria's father, brother, husband and son all served in the U.S. Marines.  Her dream was to have a room filled with Marines, because her fondest memory was attending the Friday evening Marine Corp Parade and Silent Drill Team Presentation of Arms (SDTPA) in Washington, D.C.  Unable to make another trip to D.C., three marines came to the rescue to fulfill her dream:  Captain Frankenfield, Sergeant Martinez and Private Schier.  Gloria was dressed to the nines and said to her aide she had not worn make-up in years.  She was given flowers by Captain Frankenfield in red and gold...the official colors of the USMC and flag.  Gloria shared many stories of being part of multi-generational marine family.  She was shown the SDTPA on the computer.  Each marine kissed Gloria as they said goodbye and she replied  'Thanks for making this old lady's day!"

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  • Bethlehem, PA