Grace Monahan from Arlington, TX
Gardening for Grace

Grace Monahan

Meet Grace Monahan:  A lady who loves beauty - inside and out.  Grace has the wonderful ability of finding beauty in about everything - and helps to make it even more so!


Grace had expressed, when choosing to move into Elmcroft of Arlington, that she knew she would miss working in her flower beds.  She loved our courtyard and brought her patio swing to share with our other residents.


Yet, something was still missing:  Here is a beautiful courtyard at Elmcroft - but no actual gardening for Grace.  On April 29, 2015 the seedling dream for Grace's Patio Garden bloomed!  Grace was escorted to Lowe's Gardening Department where she picked out several plants - large and small!  A beautiful fern, impatients, petunias, cala lilies, and others were loaded up!  Grace also found "beauty" in the clearance part!  "All these need is a little Tender Loving Care".   Our screened in patio, which is right off the parlor, has a whole new look - and the extra beauty of it is that this dream will "keep growing"!

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  • Arlington, TX