Grace from Lebanon, TN


Today was the day!!!! 

It is a beautiful November Day here in Lebanon TN.  The sun is out and the skies are blue.  It is a wonderful day to fly across the sky.

Grace's Daughter, Peggy, Son, Jim, and Daughter in law, Nancy were at Elmcroft by 9:30.  We had a flight departure time at 10 AM.  We didn't have to be at the airport 2 hours prior to our flight we didn't have any security to go through.  We took the short drive to the Lebanon Airport. 

Once at the airport we met up with our pilot John Baugh.  He explained first that he thought Grace might enjoy a helicopter ride more because she could see more of the city of Lebanon.  Grace agreed and the adventure began.  John took us to HIS hanger where ALL his planes are kept.  This was not a typical helicopter as you will notice from the pictures.  He had one of the airport employees help him roll it out of the hanger.  After dealing with a  dead battery the flight was off.

Grace was totally enjoying the flight.  All the air traffic around Lebanon found out how much she enjoyed the flight because she flipped the wrong switch on the speaker in the helicopter to talk. Those of us on the ground were given a walkie so we could here her to.  She announced to everybody that she lived at Elmcroft.  It was a wonderful day.  She noticed some of the landmarks in Lebanon from the air but not all of them.  She just loved the view from up there.

After her flight she got out of the helicopter dancing.  After the dance was over and more pictures were taken we took a tour of John's hanger.  After the tour we went to lunch at one of Grace's favorite restaurants, Demo's.

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