Gwen Young from Hendersonville, TN
Home Sweet Home

Gwen Young

Gwen Young is a 93 year old lady residing at Elmcroft Senior Living in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  She loves to talk about her previous home, and how much she and her husband loved it.  She found out that her home was going to be sold soon, so we at Elmcroft thought we would like to give her one last chance to see her house before it was sold.  Being unable to travel in our van, due to motion sickness, we looked up her house on line,  and let her have her own virtual tour.  She was just tickled to death to see the inside and outside of her house.  She even told us how she would sun bathe in the nude out on her fenced in patio!!!  Earlier in the month,  the residents took a ride out to see her house and we got a beautiful picture of it, and  had it blown up and framed.  Now she can look at it every day in her room.   The tour and picture brought back so many good memories for her!

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  • Hendersonville, TN