John from Louisville, Georgia
Having a Ball with a Military Man


We here at PruittHealth have teamed up with Second Wind Dreams Program in efforts to make the dreams come true for the residents throughout our skilled nursing facilities.

At PruittHealth – Old Capitol, it gives us the great pleasure to highlight and make the dream of our fellow resident, Mr. John L. Polk, come true. Mr. Polk is an Augusta, Georgia native, who served in the United States National Guard for 15 years. It is worth noting that the National Guard was not his original plan. Mr. Polk’s initial desire was to enlist in the United States Army. Unfortunately, due to his color blindness, he was not accepted. He, however, was able to serve in the Army National Guard, where he accomplished many things. He had the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia after Desert Storm to build airplanes, ships and other job functions. Mr. Polk stated that he enjoyed many of the job functions he got to perform and furthermore said, “I liked fighting the enemy!” In the National Guard, he was often selected as the “Point Person,” which is considered one of the bravest positions, as they went first no matter the assignment. Mr. Polk indicated that being in the Army National Guard gave him a higher respect for mankind and family, as well as, helped him gain his independence as a young man saying, “I’m better because of it even years and years later!”

During his tenure in the National Guard, he also received several distinguished medals, those including the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal for October 1975-1979 and the Southwest Asia Service Medal. Mr. Polk achieved the ranking of SSG/E6 and obtained an Honorable Discharge in the winter of December 1994.

Through our conversation with Mr. Polk, he told us that he never had the opportunity to attend his high school prom. In addition, during his 15 years of service with the National Guard, there was no National Guard Ball ever held. So, in his honor, the partners at PruittHealth – Old Capitol and the community at large, decided to use our Second Wind Dreams funding to grant Mr. John L. Polk’s dream of experiencing one night in his military attire with a 5 star experience to relive what would have been a Military Ball Experience.

We had a whole evening of fun with the local community and ROTC, who came and saluted Mr. Polk. There was a live band, food, lots of dancing and many more treats as the other residents, partners and their families took part in this gracious occasion as well. We had many pictures to record this joyous event. It was a night to be remembered for all of our residents, especially Mr. Polk.

We at PruittHealth – Old Capitol are Committed to Caring and live by PruittHealth’s mission and values each and every day. It was our great pleasure to make one man’s dream come true after he sacrificed his life to provide us with the many opportunities and dreams we get to live with and experience today. I’m sure many of our residents had the chance to experience something they never thought they would be able to. We are here to change lives and based on those smiles and fun times you see, that goal was accomplished.   

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