Hazel Mathern from Hendersonville, TN
Remembering Sunday Dinners

Hazel Mathern

Hazel Mathern is our little Cajun lady from New Orleans.  She loves to talk about growing up in Louisiana and going to Mardi Gras.  She especially talks about the FOOD that she enjoyed while living there.  Her favorite Sunday meal was gumbo and potato salad.  We thought, what a better way to celebrate Hazel's 86th birthday than by taking her to an authentic Cajun restaurant and letting her order her favorite meal?  Hazel had her hair done the morning of her special day, and we got her a new fancy blouse so she would feel all dolled up.  We told the owner of the restaurant that Hazel was a native of New Orleans and that this was her birthday dinner.  Everyone at the restaurant fussed over her and she felt quite special.  We got to sample many different dishes, but the one that Hazel picked out was......gumbo and potato salad!  She loved every bite, and then came the birthday beignet.  It was the size of a football, and there was not a crumb left over.  It all went down with a big smile.

Hazel will be talking about her 86th birthday for many days to come!
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