Helen D from Reedsville, PA
Horse Drawn Carraige Dream

Helen D

Helen is so full of life! She loves her family and always puts their needs ahead of her own. When asked what her dreams were she looked at me funny. As we began to talk, It quickly became clear to me that Helen never really thinks about herself. I asked her if there was one thing she has always wanted to do but never got the opportunity to.  She said that she always dreamed of taking a horse drawn carriage ride in a big white carriage! We found a place that offers carriage rides and just happens to have a big white carriage lined with velvet. Our goal is to spoil Helen by surprising her with a dream come true for her and her daughters! I cannot wait to hear her laughter and see her smile as she climbs in that big white carriage reserved just for her!


*The cost of this trip was decreased from $100 to $75 after the company reduced the price to make this dreamers dream come true!

  • Location
  • Reedsville, PA