Helen Weisskopf from Jacksonville, FL
The Bell!

Helen Weisskopf

Months ago in a Show & Tell activity Helen brought a small bell in and told us the story of her father (whom she seldom saw because he was a merchant marine), had given this bell to her when she was a child.  The story is that he got it for her in India and the locals used it to ring it to herd in the elephants.  We laughed and I told her one day we were going to go to the zoo to see if it works.  That day came when I learned her daughters were coming for a visit.  The unique thing is that the family did not know the story and now they all want mom's bell!  Happy ending- the bell worked! Flowers supplied by Publix, Zoo Personnel worked with me to stage the day, with a private ride for family on cart to see flowers and drop us at restaurant picked out for lunch. (Which was decorated earlier in the morning for her).. Staff at elephant exhibit to share in her moment.  

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