Judy from Atlanta, Georgia
Hidden Figure

The 2017 movie "Hidden Figures" portrayed an African-American female in a leading role. This female excelled in her job as a math problem-solver for NASA.

This movie showed one woman, but, the truth is that there were thousands like her in offices all across the United States of'America.

Judy Nelson was one of those "Hidden Figures." Judy was the go-to  person in her office to find the error and balance the million-dollar accounts. She did this in 1970 without a computer.

In the 1970s, the United States of America opened the doors to all opportunities for all people.  It was a time when people of all races and religions could rise as high as his or her talents could take them.  In 1969, Judy earned a Bachelor of Business Administration  degree from Albany State University where she had excelled as a student.  She graduated from college at the age of 20.

The City of Atlanta, GA benefited from Judy's talents.  She was a major reason that United Family Life Insurance Company was able to provide excellent services to the citizens of Atlanta for decades. Having a successful insurance company in the city helped to make Atlanta the "Jewel of the South."


In 2017, Judy Nelson was selected by her nursing home, PruittHealth, for the 2017 "Second Wind Dream" honor.

Her company was United Family Life Insurance located at 230 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, NE (formerlyButler Street) 30303. Atlanta, GA.    (Now Atlanta Housing Authority).

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