Andrew from Toomsboro, Georgia
Home Sweet Home

PruittHealth Toomsboro’s Committed to Caring Challenge centers around a long-term care resident’s dream to return back to his home one last time.  Mr. Andrew Odom’s initial admission to our facility was approximately 1 year ago. His original admission would simply be for short-term rehabilitation post a recent hospitalization. Mr. Odom ended up being discharged from the facility, but shortly thereafter found himself hospitalized yet again.  He would upon hospital discharge find himself being admitted back to PruittHealth of Toomsboro.

During the course of this admission Mr. Odom suffered a cerebrovascular stroke, and continued week after week to make several trips to dialysis; as well as, the emergency room due to numerous complications while at dialysis. Through every obstacle, he continued to have a relentless spirit vowing to bet all odds with the goal of returning home.  Unfortunately, Mr. Odom’s dream was not a reality.

Once given the opportunity through the Committed to Caring project and Second Wind Dreams the team of partners at PruittHealth Toomsboro saw it fitting to fulfill his dream of returning back to his home to spend intimate time with his loving wife of 61 years. After much preparation on March 8, 2017 nonemergent transportation through Transport America arrived to transport Mr. Odom to his most awarding and fulfilling destination, his home. Mr. Odom symbolically dressed in his black and white would travel just little under 10 miles to his home where he was greeted by his wife Mrs. Thelma Odom; as well as, his Masonic brothering of Calvin McCarthy Lodge #310 and other family members. Mr. Odom was recently presented the Lifetime Service and Membership award from Calvin McCarthy Lodge #310.

Mr. Odom spent quality time with his wife, brothering, and family members. At his bedside during this stay were partners (Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, and dietary) of PruittHealth Toomsboro to ensure he received the proper care and attention during this joyous time. After his visit, Mr. Odom returned back to the facility welcomed by the partners anxious to hear the details of the experience. The Wilkinson County Post will exhibit an article in the local paper giving details of the project, and what it means to the facility, cooperation, partners, community partners, and most importantly the residents to have an opportunity such as this available to residents in the community.

After returning to dialysis on the following day Mr. Odom took another trip to the hospital from dialysis. This trip would be his final one. On March 13, 2017 Mr. Odom entered into eternal peace.  We at PruittHealth Toomsboro give thanks to the PruittHealth Cooperation and Second Wind Dreams for providing us this opportunity to full Mr. Odom’s final wish.

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