Hope Yazel from Lima, OH
Cedar Point or Bust!

During a recent conversation with residents about Cedar Point, one of the largest amusement parks in the country that is just a few hours from where we are located, Hope, who is 98 YEARS OLD, shared that she would give anything to get to go there one more time! She had visited the park many times in her youth and with her children, and shares that she would still love to ride the coasters! Several other residents that were at the table that day shared in the conversation, sharing memories of trips they had made there, and how much fun it would be to go again. Hope said cheerfully, "then let's all go!" We are asking for funding for the cost of admission tickets for Hope and 5 of her friends, 3 staff members to assist, meal and drink while in the park, and gas to get there in our community van.

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  • Lima, OH