Inez Nelson from State College, PA
Back at the farm

Inez Nelson

Inez grew up on a farm, she was the youngest of 3 kids. When she was about 6 or 7 she would ride in the milk truck with her dad to deliver milk. Inez would jump out and get the bottles of milk for her dad. She then began helping in the barn milking the cows when she was around 15. So thinking of a dream for her was not hard- it had to be a stroll through the past. So back to the farm we went along with Inez, her husband Richard, and some of the other residents to bring back memories of her past on the farm. On July 22, 2015 we took a trip to the dairy farm. Inez was so excited to return to a dairy farm. We toured the barn and the milk house. When they showed her the electric milkers she said oh no that’s not the way we milk! It’s done by hand. Then we got to see the baby calves and was able to pet them. Inez thanked them for taking her around the farm and said it was a very nice trip.

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  • State College, PA