Jack, Joe, Bill and Ralph from Black Mountain, North Carolina
Ratchets Garage

Jack, Joe, Bill and Ralph

During childhood toy cars were our favorite things. We remember making noises of the engine with our voice.

When I grew into my teen years, I realized that 'Hot Rods' were the real deal. The sound of the real motor and the shaking of the ground below became a passion of my life.

As I leave to serve our country, unsure of what the future holds upon the hopeful return, I know that cars will forever be a piece of my soul. 
From grease to gears, frustration to finish...
Now in my later years, the need to hold a tool, turn a wrench or listen to the purr of the engine is something I truly miss. 
Til the day I was given another moment inside a garage where I spent many of my younger years...
Nothing better that a 'Second Wind Dream' come true!
---Though I walk through the valley of broken parts
    I shall fear not one thing
    Because thou wrench and ratchet
    They comfort me
    Though prepare a lift in front of me in the presence of broken machines
     Thou annoinst my hand
     With grease my toolbox
     Runneth over surely fixed cars and many scars will follow me for
     The 'Rest of my Life'
     And I will dwell in
     The garage
     Til my time comes---- 
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  • Black Mountain, North Carolina