Jack Williams from Knoxville, TN
Welcome Home Veterans...

Jack Williams

As a part of the Second Wind Dream for Jack williams, we went to the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial at the World's Fair Park in Knoxville, Tennessee..  The mayor and many distinguished guests were there where all the veterans got a standing ovation.  Bill Robinson, the longest enlisted prisoner of war in the Vietnam War, was the keynote speaker.  We then traveled with a police escorted motorcade to a free cookout hosted by the American Legion Post 13 in Maryville.  Special thanks to Suzy Dauber of Rolling Thunder Inc. Tennessee Chapter 3 who hosted the "Welcome Come Cermony", Second Wind Dreams, Elmcroft of Halls and all the veterans who were able to attend for making this dream come true!Rose Davis, Heartland Village Leader  & Susie Rogers, Healthy Lifestyle Director

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