Janis Rogers from Swainsboro, Georgia
A Day of Serenity

Committed to Caring 2017-Second Wind Dreams

Janis Rogers is a patient with Pruitt Health Hospice who dreamed of spending a relaxing and fun day with her granddaughter, Dori like they have done so many times in the past. Due to Ms. Janis’s current health condition, it is getting harder for Ms. Janis to leave her home to be able to go and do things she used to enjoy doing.  The two have always been close, but became even closer after Ms. Janis’s daughter (who was also a Hospice patient and Dori’s mother) passed away with cancer, leaving the two to lean on each other in a very difficult time. Through their loss, Ms. Janis and Dori have developed more of a mother/daughter relationship and enjoy spending time together, even if it means just staying indoors at Ms. Janis’s home.

The staff at Pruitt Health Hospice got together and planned out a day of pampering for the two women at Serenity Spa and Salon. When Ms. Janis and Dori were told about the day planned for them, they were both so excited and Ms. Janis explained how happy she was to be able to get out of her home and have a whole day of fun with Dori. “A Full Day of Serenity” included 5 hours of relaxation and renewal at the Spa. The package included a Swedish Massage, a Tulasara Facial, a Spa Pedicure, a Spa Manicure, a Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment with Shampoo and Style and lunch from a Local Restaurant.

When the big day arrived, two staff members accompanied Ms. Janis and Dori to the Spa to capture their day of pampering through video and pictures. First was the Swedish Massage. The room was calm and peaceful and there was relaxing music playing in the background. There were two beds in the room, so both Ms. Janis and Dori could experience everything together. PHH Staff was able to capture photos of the two as the massage began. Next, Ms. Janis and Dori experienced a Tulasara Facial Treatment followed by a Spa Pedicure and Manicure. They were able to relax and enjoy a nice lunch during this time. Lastly, Ms. Janis and Dori received a Botanical Hair Treatment with Shampoo and Style to finish off their day of pampering. They both looked refreshed and beautiful! Ms. Janis made many comments throughout the day about how happy and thankful she was for the opportunity that PHH provided to her and for the time that she was able to spend with her granddaughter. She stated “I will never forget this day or how happy I am right now.” It was truly a rewarding experience to be able to see Ms. Janis’s dream unfold and come to life and the PHH staff was glad to be a part of it!

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  • Swainsboro, Georgia