Jean from Crest Hill, IL
Root, Root, Root, for the White Sox!


Jean, a resident of Willow Falls, has a love for Chicago sports, especially Blackhawks hockey and the White Sox, "Not the Cubs, the Sox!" Jean replies, when talking about Chicago baseball teams. Whenever baseball comes into conversation, Jean jumps right in, know a majority of past and present players, saying "Pauly isn't her the best, and don't forget about Buehrle." With a giant grin and giggle of a school girl. Jean shows her love of the game.  Jean who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's, may have trouble expressing her thoughts through words easily, to describe her love of the game, but her actions and smile gives it all away.  Chicago sports are so important to her and her kids who grew up loving the game of baseball, and NO OTHER TEAM THAN THE WHITE SOX! Knowing this The Inn at Willow Falls, wanted to send Jean and her children to a game!  

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  • Crest Hill, IL