Jean Smith from La Mesa, CA
Life with a Cat

Jean Smith

Jean has been a cat lover all of her life and has always had cats. Since her last cat, Mrs. Sophie, died over 3 years ago, Jean has been without a cat and has been missing the companionship that a cat brings.  About 3 weeks ago, our community acquired an orphaned cat, needing love and care. Jean was the perfect person for the job. We brought Jean over to meet with Kiki the cat. It was love at first sight! Since then, Kiki has become a major part of Jean's day. She says that Kiki gives her a reason to get up each day and that the cat has brought her so much joy! Jean says that her favorite thing about having a cat is that they are so independent. She says "you can't tell a cat what to do." We are so happy to make her dream of having a cat again come true!

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  • La Mesa, CA