Joan Phillips from Eau Claire, WI
Joan Enjoys a Girls' Day Out

Joan Phillips

When Joan was asked what she would consider her best day to be, our team at Azura Memory Care discovered her dream of going out for lunch and shopping.  With a new found appreciation of a simple day out, we made it our goal to see to it that Joan experiences this dream.



Our Azura MOSAIC Dreams Team reached out to Joan’s favorite restaurants to see if any accommodations could be made. We happily discovered that Famous Dave’s in Janesville was more than happy to provide Joan’s meal and then some on the house. Joan enjoyed her entire plate, something we haven’t seen at Azura  in years, and happily left with a full stomach and smile.



Joan thoroughly enjoyed the shopping aspect of her dream at Sears department store, who happily offered both a personal shopper and a gift card for Joan to use for a mini shopping spree. As a woman who once enjoyed a career at Marshalls Fields and shopping with friends and family, Joan experienced her best day out one last time. 


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  • Eau Claire, WI