Joan from Roswell, GA
Surprise Party to honor Joan

Joan is an amazing lady!  She has always taken care of herself.  She paid for college by starting her own pet service company.  After graduation she supported herself by designing window displays for major department stores. After she was married she raised four children while her husband traveled. She did it all!

Now she is unable to do the things she loves.  She doesn't have the independence due to her health issues.  This has frustrated her but she remains strong.

Joan was close to death earlier this year.   She made it through these hard days and made a miraculous recovery!  She is my HERO!  Her strength and resilience has inspired me each day. 

She mentioned her upcoming birthday and that she will be alone on her special day.  Her family is unable to visit. 

I want to throw her a surprise party!  I have her favorite entertainer booked to honor her at 11am that morning.  I would also like to have a birthday cake for her and a gift card. 






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  • Roswell, GA