John Demott from New Wales, PA
The Dream of a Big Rig and the Open Road

John Demott

When someone asks John what he did for a living, John confidently responds, “I drove a truck, a Mack truck.” John, a resident of The Solana Horsham (, has held a few jobs in his lifetime but the one that he talks about most frequently and has so many great memories of, is driving a Mack truck.   But John has been off the road for quite a while and the trucking industry has progressed. He has not seen any of the newer truck models. Second Wind Dreams was able to bring some of John’s great memories back for him.   One morning in late June, John woke up with no intentions other than to go about his regular day. Instead, he was surprised to find out The Solana team was going to take him to the Mack Truck Museum in Allentown, Pa.   As the group pulled up to the Mack Museum an excited John asked, “what did I ever do to deserve this?”   There is no question that the Mack Museum made John’s day a memorable one. As soon as he walked in, the museum staff greeted John by pinning him with a Mack Truck bulldog pin. The next hour was filled with history and technology as John viewed antiques as well as new models. There were even displays of engines, toy models, production lines, photos and memorabilia.   John was able to sit in the cab of a sleeper truck and got the feeling of being behind the wheel once again. At the end of the tour, the staff handed John a red Mack Truck shirt that he is sure to proudly wear often.   John’s day was filled with smiles, happiness and memories. On the way home, he was in awe and could not stop thanking everyone for giving him this experience.

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  • New Wales, PA