June McCombs from Niles, OH
June's dream of a Riverboat Cruise

June McCombs

June McCombs had a dream of going on a riverboat cruise. June, who is 94 years old, has lived with us since 2011 and recently told us about her days of going boating with her father. She has always loved the water, as she finds it to be peaceful, and would love to board a large boat once again and take in the scenery. The last time she was able to do this was back in 1945 as she and her husband celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.


The Gateway Clipper(Pittsburg, PA) had a Fall Foliage cruise on October 13, 2016 and was gracious enough to donate tickets for her to go.  She was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while enjoying a wonderful meal.


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  • Niles, OH