Karen from Mansfield, OH
Dough Tossing Time


Karen told us she would like to toss pizza dough. This seemed like one of those impossible dreams, as she is paralyzed on one side, but then it is the presentation, and not the "you can't" that is really important. We asked a local pizzeria, "Two Cousins Pizza," if they would be willing to assist with this dream. They enthusiastically responded and we built a party around it!

First our pizza chef created three special order pizzas to cook in our ovens. Then he rolled out extra dough to about 7 inch "rounds" and taught Karen how the were tossed on the backs of the hands. Although she wasn't really able to toss the dough, she enjoyed the feel of it on the back of her hand and talked about how cold the dough was. Our pizza man allowed everyone in the room to "toss" the extra dough he had brought along, so lots of laughs were created during that time. 

By that time the three pizzas in the ovens were done, and we passed out hot pizza samples to everyone, along with ice cold beers and cokes. Karen enjoyed her delicious, and doughy, dream! 

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  • Mansfield, OH