KI RIDDLE from Lebanon, TN
GO CATS!!!!!!


Go Cats!!!!!

It doesn't take long after talking to KI to find out he is a diehard University of Kentucky Basketball Fan. 

After contacting the University of Kentucky Basketball Department, with help from Amy Safran from Second Wind Dreams, they sent a special letter written to KI from Head Coach John Calipari.  The letter thanked KI for being a life long fan and supporting Widcats basketball.  Coach Calipari also sent an autographed photo personalized to KI.

KI was given his special gifts from the Coach at a UK party at the community on Friday afternoon.  His grandson Staurt and his wife Sheri and KI's granddaughter Hannah attended.  Although we had computer breakdown we had the UK fight song and My Old Kentucky Home.  We had a special University of Kentucky Wildcats cake for desert that night at dinner.

In the pictures:  KI, grandson and his wife Stuart and Sheri Riddle and KI's Great granddaughter Hannah Riddle.

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