Martha from Carlsbad, CA
A Trip to Nixon Library

When talking with one of our residents a few weeks ago, Martha N.(the one in scooter), she mentioned to me that she has always wanted to visit the Nixon Library. I talked with her daughter, and she was very excited and thought her mom would love this! So I invited her daughter and one of Martha's good friends to join us in the outing! It was an amazing day to go out and the museum was not too crowded! We spent the next 3 hours walking around and talking about history! The house Nixon's father built was at the library and we could tour the inside. Also, the helicopter that 4 of our presidents flew was there! Martha was thrilled to be able to go and to have her daughter join was a special treat. She said how delighted she was and teared up a lot, saying how special this was to be able to do this. We ended our trip all having lunch together. Martha's favorite food is comfort food, so she picked Marie Calendars and has Chicken Pot Pie and Rhubarb pie for dessert!! Awesome day!!
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  • Carlsbad, CA