Lois Golding from State College, PA
A walk down memory lane

Lois Golding

Lois was born and raised outside of Philipsburg pa. She had one brother and one sister. Lois has always been a person to help others. She attended nursing school at Philipsburg hospital and graduated in 1945. She then got married in 1948 and moved to Pine grove mills pa where her and her husband built the house they lived in. She talked a lot about her nursing career. So in talking with her daughter to figure out what special thing to do for her we decided to take a walk down memory lane. So together with the help of her family we held a gathering to share Lois’s nursing history on May 31,2016. She worked in the community hospital and work for a dentist in pine grove. She also work as a nursing supervisor at a nursing home and was an industrial nurse for Murata Erie. When I handed her a picture of herself from when she graduated nursing school and a clipping from a newspaper with her helping the Girl Scout group give out gifts to her residents. She was shocked at how I had gotten the pictures. After talking with her and ask her what her thoughts where on her nursing. She said “sometimes it was good and sometime bad but all in all I liked it. We also presented her with a certificate of Appreciation for her years of nursing and caring for others.

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  • State College, PA