Lola Radford from Burnsville, North Carolina
Shopping for Shoes

Lola Radford

Ms. Lola Radford is a strong and independent 63 year old woman. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life. Losing loved ones is never easy but losing several of her family members has proved to be almost unbearable at times. Lola is a Pruitt Health Home First Patient. Due to her decline in health, Lola is home bound and no longer able to do the things she once enjoyed. This has proved to be difficult for her because accepting help has never been something Lola felt like she deserved or wanted. It was brought to the attention of CAP staff that Lola did not own a pair of tennis shoes. She often wears bedroom slippers while at home. Lola’s wish was to have a new pair of tennis shoes and a nice meal with her IHA worker.  With funding from the 2nd wind dream organization, Pruitt staff was able to fulfill Lola’s wish. Lola was taken to a local shoe store in Spruce Pine where she picked out two pairs of tennis shoes. She then finished her shopping day with a nice meal at the steakhouse with her IHA worker and friend, Haley Ballew. Lola stated that “this was the best day I’ve had in years”. This dream was fulfilled!

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  • Burnsville, North Carolina