Lora Whitney from Lebanon, TN
Day on the Farm

Lora Whitney


We had a wonderful day to have a day at the farm.  Lora was born and raised on a farm in Northern Ohio.  She was to go to a farm again.

We left Elmcroft with a bus full of family and Lora.  We had 4 generations of her family to enjoy this day with her.  He son and daughter in law, granddaughter and 3 great grand children went to enjoy the day at the farm.  We traveled to Carthage TN. To the farm of John and Barbara Maxwell (family members of one of our residents).  After getting off the bus we all got on a Kubota and drove around 4 different fields of cows and John told us all about the cows and and bulls.  They had a lot of calves.  Also in the fields were horses and dogs.  They even had one little horse named tiny.  After our tour of the farm we went to a little mom and pop restaurant for lunch.  Everybody enjoyed the visit. 

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  • Lebanon, TN