Lorraine Ware from Farmville, North Carolina
A Blanket of Love

Lorraine Ware

Lorraine Ware joined a quilting club with some women back in the early 70's.  She decided to make a quilt that would reflect her love for her family.  She took material from dresses that her daughters had worn, along with other material from her home and friends, and began work.


The pattern and style she chose was a log cabin style....also referenced as barn raising in sunshine and shadows...which was not the easiest of patterns to choose for a first time quilt.  She never finished it. 


So when her nurse from PruittHealth Hospice of Farmville asked her about a dream or wish, her quilt immediately came to mind.  "I would love to see my quilt completed".


Although it took a while to find someone in the area who had the time to devote, Vivian Purvis finally stepped forward to do the work. An experienced hand quilter, she always keeps several projects going. After hearing of the patient's story, she agreed to complete the quilt for a reduced amount of $200.  In a letter she wrote "Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of love.  Your quilt is truly a work of art....It was an honor to finish your quilt. Thank you for the opportunity.  Vivian".


Jay Surles, the Administrator at PruittHealth Hospice Farmville, delivered the completed quilt to Mrs. Ware and her daughter.  Seeing the quilt completed brought Mrs. Ware to tears.  "It's beautiful.  I can't believe she finished it so quickly....She must have worked on it day and night" .  As her daughter looked through the quilt identifying patterns from old dresses she had worn, Mrs. Ware wrote a note:  "To all those who completed my quilt Thank You more than I can say.  That quilt holds memories of my children also family and friends from the 70's on up.  Thank you"




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  • Farmville, North Carolina