Loyd B from Maumelle, AR
Loyd's Photography Gallery

After proudly serving in the Air Force for 26-years, Mr. Loyd became a mail carrier, but never lost his passion for photography. He mentioned to me one day that he had always wanted to have a gallery someday and have others see his photographs as art. For his Second Wind Dream, I have taken Mr. Loyd to a local public garden and allowed him to take all the photographs he wanted to or to direct us to a good "Shot". The next phase is to have the photographs printed and framed, then to turn our library into "Loyds Gallary" where he will host a gallery opening complete with Autographing the photos and Hor D'ourves. This will fulfill his dream of someday having people recognize photography as art.Thank you for your help in fulfilling his dream.

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  • Maumelle, AR