Deb from Canandaigua, NY
Games, games, games


Deb’s original wish was to go to a circus, but after investigating further, she said what she really wanted was a candy apple, to have a kewpie doll and to play games so she could win lots of prizes. So Deb spent an entire evening at the Ontario County Fair - playing games! She enjoyed her candy apple while she was waiting for her wish to come true, as her name was chosen in October 2010 and the Fair wasn't in town until July 2011. On the day of the fair, she received $50 to play all the games she wanted. The game people, knew about the wish ahead of time and made sure she not only won, but received larger prizes then normal. She also took time to watch some line dancers and visit the buildings/animals. In addition, we helped her select a commemorative kewpie doll on line that was purchased for her as a momento.

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  • Canandaigua, NY