Marcie from Mansfield, OH
The Scuplting of Glass


Marcie saw a picture of an Ohio business that created hand blown glass items, and she told us she wanted to see them blowing glass and creating the colors. We then called the folks listed in the article she had read, Akron Glass Works, and arranged a visit to their shop, located just over an hour away.

Our first stop was for a delicious lunch at Bob Evans and then we were off to locate the glass factory. We were met at the door and escorted inside. As we were a little early, we got to browse and shop their unusual gift shop before watching the demonstration. (This actually was a good thing, because we could then imagine how many of the shop items were created as we saw techniques demonstrated during the glass blowing.)

The glass blowing was wonderful and very informative, and even a little scary as we realized just how hot those ovens were. The owner also came out to talk with us after he was done blowing the three different items. It was a very educational and artistic experience for Marcie and the others  who traveled with her.

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  • Mansfield, OH