Maria from Mansfield, OH
That Yugoslavian Accent

Maria gets lonely for her homeland. She has been living in Ohio most of her adult life, but some days she just wants to talk to someone from her homeland of Yugoslavia, probably to both hear the dialect and feel it roll off her tongue. We had tried to arrange for a senior from another facility to visit, but that senior had passed away. We tried to get folks from local churches to come, but they were to busy or not interested. Then one day, in comes Maria's former sister-in-law, passing through on a trip from out of state. What a wonderful surprise for Maria! They laughed and cried and chattered away in a blend of older croatian, german, and english. They hadn't seen each other for so long and they did a lot of catching up, but keeping track of which language they were using was mind boggling! 
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  • Mansfield, OH