Marian from Reedsville, PA
Marian visits


It has always been Marian’s Dream to get the chance to visit Australia, and the main reason was to see the kangaroos.  While it wasn’t possible to get Marian to Australia, she was able to do the next best thing.  Marian was treated to a day trip to a Safari Park, and was able to get to see and touch a baby Wallaby. This Wallaby had just recently been taken from her mother’s pouch and will stay in a man made pouch until she decides she is old enough to venture out.   Wallaby’s are most closely related to the kangaroo,  aside from their size. Wallabies are widely distributed across Australia, particularly in more remote, heavily timbered, or rugged areas. This  Wallaby baby  hasn’t been named yet, and depending on whether or not the park keeps her or sells her who gets the honor of coming up with a name.  Marian was also thrilled to take the safari ride through the rough terrain getting a glimpse of other wild life such as Elk, Buffalo and Long Horned Steers.  

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