Marilyn "Jimmie" Reams from Jacksonville, FL
Music House Mom

It all started 9 years ago after the death of her son who was a musician. After his death, Marilyn opened her home up to local musicians on Saturday nights to enjoy a good home cooked meal, say grace, and jam! Well to this day the "Music House" continues and she is known as the "Music House Mom" all over town. In honor of her 92nd birthday we will surprise her with a concert at Mudville Grill. Local musicians will be coming to enjoy a buffet together and each will be performing a song in her honor and tell her what the "Music House" has meant to them. It will give them all an opportunity to show their gratitude and love to her in how she and her home has helped them all throughout the last 9 years. It will be a day of great music, love an appreciation to a beautiful lady......

Update:  Dream fulfilled on January 29, 2017 thanks to generous donors and an outpour of local support. Photos may be viewed at

Thanks to everyone who made this dream possible!


Linda Greenville                                

The Epslings

Rachel Waxer                                   

Lin/Ann Abercrombie                      

Mike Davies

Katie DeRoo                                      

Lisa Loveday & Bill                          

Jerry Behler & Gail

Roc Nawrocki                                    

Marcia Baygents                             

Mike Crystal

Al/Deb Monte                                      

Mark Collins/Eileen Loney           

Chris Hull

Angie Weaver                                   

Melanie Lee                                      

Rob/Ann McKinnon                       

Mike Burns                                        

Marilyn Wilson                                  

Dave/Linda Shilby

Cindy Foley                                        

Sue Barry                                          

Dan Judy Cody

Dan /Viv Lopes                                 

Phil Green                                          

John Shilby

Don Whitter                                       

Robin Harrell                                     

James Gearhart                              

Eric Wendorf/Maria Andrea            

Sandy Lytho & Arvid                          

Dan/Judy Coady

Scott Selph                                        

Just George                                       

Wingo Johnson

Helena Oates/Dan Raymond         

Ron Renninger                                 

Jeff Holland

Also…best wishes from: Linda Reams, Pete Reams,  Herman, Mike Davis, Al/Linda Lillkendey, Bonnie/Steve Mareia, Cindy/Frank,  Robyn Pierallini, Skip Hatcher, Paula Laird, Spencer Stratton, Jeff & Tammy Parker, James, Gearhart, James & Sylvia Ward                                       

Special Thank You to all of our guests and….

Amy Safran– National Second Wind Dreams Organization

Amy Brown – Kindred Home Care - Ann Highlander – Apex Home Health

Steve Groth – Haven Hospice

Publix @ Baymeadows & SS Bl & Louis @ Mudville Grille


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