Marjean from Hudson, OH
Fishing with Friends


Marjean has great memories of fishing and really wanted to fish again, especially from a boat on the open water.  Mary and Trish from the Second Wind Dream team spent the day taking Marjean and two of her friends from assisted living to beautiful West Branch State Park.  There is a really large lake and beautiful scenery there.  They rented a pontoon boat and took the three friends for a day of fun and fishing on the lake.  They even had a picnic together!  The weather was lovely and the ladies all really enjoyed their fishing.  As you can see in the photo, Marjean caught her own fish too! One of the biggest catches of the day was a "stick fish" that Marjean hooked and reeled up!  The ladies looked so relaxed out on the boat and they had a wonderful time.  Marjean was happy to share her dream with the others and it was a day to remember.  The pictures Mary took will be presented to her as a way to enjoy the memories each time she looks at them. 

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  • Hudson, OH