Marjorie from Hudson, OH
A Trip to Lehman's Hardware


Marjorie loves her family very much, and her dream was to visit her grandson at Lehman's Hardware, where he is the CEO!  Mary, from our Second Wind Dream Team arranged for her to go with her daughter and son-in-law and get to see her grandson at work.  Lehman's Hardware is in the heart of Ohio Amish Country.  It is famous for carrying products, tools, and appliances that are well-made and unique.  Many of the items can be used without electricity and have classic and historical design.  Even movie makers from Hollywood order their products for use in historical movies.  Mary drove Marjorie and her family to Lehman's in Kidron Ohio, and they had a wonderful time.  Her grandson gave her a tour of the store, and the founder of the company even came to meet her! (You can see the three of them in the picture enclosed)  After a great visit to the store, Mary took  Marjorie, her daughter, son-in-law and her grandson to the Smucker's Café for lunch in Orville.  They all enjoyed the wood-fired pizzas at the home of the J.M Smucker company. A great time was had by all and Marjorie expressed that it was "such a lovely time!"

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  • Hudson, OH