Martin Hanenburg from Conroe, TX
WWII Veteran visiting WWII Museum

Martin Hanenburg

Martin Hanenburg served in the U.S. Army during World War II.  He landed on Omaha Beach D-Day + 21. From 1942-1945, he was in Anti-Aircraft Artillery, and manned quad 50 cal & 40 mm AAA guns.    

Martin has always wanted to see a museum of World War II and we hope to honor him and his service by making this dream come true.  His daughter will be joining him on his trip to New Orleans to visit the World War II Museum from May 25-May 27. Caesars Entertainment/Harrah's New Orleans is generously donating hotel stay.  We will need help funding his flight, and food expenses while he achieves his dream of visiting the museum.

Dream Fulfilled!

Thank you Harrah's New Orleans and Caesars Foundation for providing the hotel stay, meals, and personal greetings.  Thank you WWII National Museum of New Orleans for providing ticket admission, lunch and the extra warm welcome.  And thank you to the generous donors who contributed to funding the flight and transportation.  Martin had an extremely memorable trip and visit to the museum.  He and his daughter will treasure this always!

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