Marvin Carmichael from Florence, South Carolina
Simple Pleasures

Marvin and Mary Carmichael are supposed to be “living the dream” in their retirement years together. However, their golden years have turned out to be less than a dream due to severe complications from chronic illnesses for them both

Marvin is a retired police officer and Mary is a retired home maker. They met and married in their later years, looking forward to their retirement and traveling together.

Both Marvin and Mary are patients of Pruitt Health Home Health of Florence, South Carolina. They have a simple dream, a dream of better health and a few more years together in peace.

During our interview about fulfilling their Second Wind Dream, Mr. Carmichael said, “All I want, all I need is help getting to the doctor so I can take care of my wife. In a million years, I never thought my health would decline to the point where I am unable to drive my wife and myself to doctor appointments or even to take care of each other’s basic needs.” You see as a police officer, Mr. Carmichael prided himself in keeping the peace and safety and order over his town. Naturally in retirement, he prides himself in order and safety in his own home and taking care of his ailing wife and himself is a large part of that.

Recognizing that basic rights to medical care is a “dream” for this couple due to no available outside help for them. We at Pruitt Health Home Health of Florence will provide transportation vouchers for 10 trips to their medical appointments for the Carmichaels. This is all this humble couple asked for. Fulfilling their dream has become a passion for Pruitt Health Home Health of Florence. It is a humble request.

Mr. Carmichael wanted to express, “My wife and I are most appreciative and grateful that Second Wind Dreams chose us to make and keep our medical appointments so our health needs are not neglected. We may have other dreams but because of the extent of our illness, we think taking care of our physical and medical needs come first and receiving transportation is definitely a dream come true for us. Here is a big thanks and praise to you – Second Wind Dream!!”

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