Mary Harrison from State College, PA
An Outing with Friends

Mary Harrison



Mary Harrison was born October 28, 1934 In New Jersey to Robert and Margaret Clarke. She had two sisters and a happy childhood.


Mary has many talents her greatest love was canning chairs that her father taught her, (a family tradition,) Mary also loves to knit hats for the cancer society for young children who lose their hair due to the disease. She also loves to use her computer she loves to be with people and share her gifts. She also loves to tell jokes.  Many people are recipients of her dishcloths that she knits. She ran a Bed and Breakfast and loved to garden.


When asking Mary if she could give me one idea of something she really would like to do or see she said she would love to take a group of friends with her to see the flower gardens. She also wanted to know if it would be possible for us to do a picnic lunch at the gardens.  So after a little planning Elmcroft made this dream come true on Thursday June 27, 2013.  We arrived at the garden at 11:00 am and started by having our picnic lunch, then we started are walk through the gardens. Mary was as excited as was the other ladies. They all kept saying how beautiful the flowers were. Mary said it was so amazing. After we finished they said they had a great time and would love to come back again.




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