Mary Marden from Macon, Georgia
Reliving old memories

Mary Marden

Ms Mary Marden had been on our palliative care service. Her sister Ms Daisy, who is 87 years old, and her daughter, Ms Jan, were her Primary care givers
Once in their impromptu conversation within the family, Ms Mary mentioned to Ms Daisy that she was very much surprised that she has lived 91 years and could not believe that she would be celebrating her 91st Birthday on March 11.
Ms Daisy, in conversation with our hospice staff, mentioned that Ms Mary loved pound cake when she was young.
Our staff, along with assistance from Nursing home staff, decided to celebrate Ms Mary's 91st Birthday.
We made all the arrangements to get the pound cake and some birthday candles.
A Total of 10 staff from Nursing home and 4 from Pruitt health hospice along with Ms Daisy and Ms Jan, celebrated Ms Mary''s 91st Birthday and wished her a "Happy Birthday"!
Ms Mary was very happy.  Ms Daisy helped her blow out the candles and smell the delicious aroma of the pound cake.  She truly felt the warmth of the celebration . And there was not a single dry eye in the room.
Ms Mary's Sister and Daughter were very content to see the smile on her face and were very happy that they were able to celebrate her  birthday and fulfill her wish .
Ms Mary left this abode on 1st April 2016 peacefully. 
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  • Macon, Georgia