Mary Ulam from Niles, OH
Mary's Zip Lining Dream

Mary Ulam

Shepherd of the Valley to Help 85-Year-Old Knock
Zip Lining Off Her Bucket List


NILES, OH – On November 12, 2014 Shepherd of the Valley resident Mary Ulam got to do something she has always wanted to do - go zip lining. The autumn-soaked trees in Oberlin, Ohio provided the setting as Mary zipped from platform to platform with nothing more than a harness and the wind blowing through her hair.


The Dream Team at Shepherd of the Valley – Niles learned of her dream during a casual conversation about her love of the outdoors and decided they wanted to make this wish come true as a Second Wind Dream.


After some research, Common Ground – Canopy Tours (14240 Baird Rd, Oberlin, OH 44074) said they would love to host Mary and be part of her special day. Mary did not know that she was going zip lining, but said if the opportunity presents itself, “I would have my eyes wide open and be smiling the whole time.” And that she did!!!









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