Mary Wright from Marietta, GA
I just feel like I need to give back!

Mary Wright

Before Mary moved to Elmcroft Assisted Living, she was heavily involved in volunteer work. One of those being volunteering at nursing homes. Mary would volunteer along side of other members of her church, going to nursing homes and reading books, offering companionship, and just being their for those who didn't really have anyone to visit them. Mary often talks about how she is so grateful that she is in good mental health at her age, because she used to see alot of people at her age with alzheimer's and dementia when she used to volunteer at the nursing home. During a group conversation, when asked what is something that you would like to do before your time of passing, Mary proceeded to say that if she could do one thing, it would be for her to get a chance to volunteer at a nursing home and give back once more. Well Mary's dream came true when she didn't expect it. Through contacting a local nursing home, we were able to set it up where Mary was able to visit those residents who either didn't have any family, or had no regular family visits. She also was able to visit those who were in Azheimer's unit. This really made Mary's day and she said, I feel like I served my purpose. I did something great for them and they did something great for me.

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  • Marietta, GA