Matthew Washington from Macon, Georgia
Lunch Date

Matthew Washington

Mr Washington is on our hospice care and his primary care giver is his wife Ms Amanda.  They have been  married for over 65 years!
Ms Amanda mentioned that Mr Washington used to take her on dates at Longhorn restaurant along with their kids and they used to have good times there and they would love to relive those moments again.
Our hospice staff decided to fulfill this wish. We offered to take Ms Amanda and Mr Washington to Longhorn so they can relive those moments again.
Ms Amanda had concerns about Mr Washigton's health and was not sure if he will be able to sit in one position for a long time so she recommended to have a carry out options allowing them to dine together at home. We arranged for carry out and brought their favorite dishes .The couple dined together at their home and were very happy to relive the old memories.
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  • Macon, Georgia