Maxine Boise from Jacksonville, FL
One Step Forward

Maxine Boise

Maxine is a lovely lady who has been struggling with some isolation issues. Her dream will be on Thursday July 30, 2015. The goal is to get her to leave her apartment and she will have a ladies lunch in the Ambassador room with Healthy Lifestyles Director along with a volunteer (Rhonda) who has been an inspiration to Maxine. The room will be decorated with Angels (she is very spiritual) and we will be bringing in lunch from Red Lobster as this is her favorite. A new out fit will be purchased to make her feel extra special for this luncheon. Special music will be planned to come in to bring joy (country) to this private moment of moving "One Step Forward". The family is so excited to give her this uplifting day to let her see her spirit come alive....

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  • Jacksonville, FL