Nell from Roswell, GA
Memories of Her True Love


Hearing the music of Frank Sinatra brings back Nell's best memories. She and her husband would dance the night away to his music.  Nell would love to hear this music once again!

Dream Fulfilled Update:

Wednesday, August 20, 2016

Nell Millard (Sleeping Dreamer)

“Musical Memories”

Sponsored by Second Wind Dreams

Nell’s favorite memories are dancing with her husband. Her memories of her true love are wrapped around the music of that time. Nell was taken back to that time and place this week.  Bill Gleeson hosted the party to celebrate Nell’s life with her husband. Nell was honored and surprised.  She stated “I can’t believe this is all for me!  This takes me back to the best time in my life.  It feels like my husband is here with me.  Thank you!”

Thank you, Nell, for blessing us with you kind and gentle spirit. 


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  • Roswell, GA