Merry Metz from State College, PA
Amazing Talent

Merry Metz

Merry Metz was born on December 24, 1948 in California. She became part of the Elmcroft family in 2013.  In talking with Merry about her interests she shared with me that she belonged to many organizations and was in a choir. The name of the group she was in was called Music, Music, Music. They would go all over to different nursing homes and fairs and sing. So when thinking of a dream for her I called her friend Kristin and found out Merry had another amazing talent.  She did a lot of painting and art work. 

Most of Merry’s paintings were sold when her home was sold. She says she got her appreciation and talent for painting from her mother. Merry says her mother self taught herself to paint. Merry started out by drawing on the chalk boards when she was in elementary school. After she graduated high school she went to Mansfield University to become an art teacher. She taught art for 30 years. She says she paints from life. She likes to go outside and walk around until she finds a scene that motivates her, then she paints it. Sometimes she would take photos for future reference. She has exhibited some of her art work in the past at art shows and fairs. She has even sold her paintings. She also did some portraits of family.

So after finding out about her amazing painting talent, we asked Merry's friends to help us find some of her paintings. We were able to track them down and surprised Merry with an art gallery show of her own! She was very surprised and a little nervous about the art show. She could not believe we were able to round up as many pictures as we did and she had a great time talking to the other residents about her paintings and sharing a story about each one.

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  • State College, PA