Mildred Brosky from State College, PA
Secart Romace

Mildred Brosky

Mildred loves to be called Mid or Miss Milly. Mildred is a very soft spoken lady. She is always a lady in dress and manners. She is the last breed of women who still dresses a certain way for lunch and then for dinner. Never wears the same outfit. She has matching accessories and shoes for every outfit.  She takes great pride when anyone takes notice to her. But Mildred is also very shy. She has a son named Curt and when she speaks of him you can see the great pride she has for him. She loves to read and write poetry. Some of her poetry has even been published. She is also interested in science, history and philosophy and loves music. She always wants to learn new things. When we asked what her dream would be, she would shy away. Mid has a difficult time seeing and is afraid to go out. When talking to her son, Curt, and friend, Bill, we found out that Mid is a bit of a romantic.


We started the dream with an invitation to a private candlelight luncheon on Tuesday May 28, 2013 at 11:30am. The table was set in red and white, place setting all in silver and crystal. Mid and Bill entered the room with soft candle light and music being played by Brad. Brad works in our kitchen and Mildred has heard him play the guitar before and loves to listen to him sing and play. She was so excited, she kept saying how wonderful it was and how did we know she was a romantic. The meal started with “wedding soup” with an entree of black forest ham, mixed vegetables, parsley potatoes, and fruit salad for dessert. She was given a bouquet of roses. The end of a perfect date was listening to a lecture on Robert F. Kennedy given by Dr. Ferro.  When talking with Mildred the next day she was so happy that Elmcroft did such a nice thing for her. 

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  • State College, PA