Earl from Florence, South Carolina
Mountain Memories

Earl brown has not left his home for the past 6-8 months due to his medical condition. He has been in a hospital bed for the past 3 months and due to pain from when he sits up for long periods, he lays down most of the time, and then will get up and walk for short distances. Mr. Brown and his wife would go to the mountains a couple of times a year, but they haven't been able to go back since he became ill and started on hospice services.  His last wish was to go to the Cherokee Mountains one more time.  His dream almost didn't come true. We had arranged for a dealership to let us borrow an RV for the trip so he could lay down  on the way there and  back, but at the last minute the plan fell apart, due to not being able to put insurance on the RV, but thanks to the generosity of the patient's former employer, Ard Trucking, the trip was back on.

The owner of Ard Trucking generously donated one of his freightliner sleeper trucks to make the trip.  Not only did he let us use the  truck, he gave us a driver, the fuel and $5oo.oo to make this patient's wish come true.  Mr. Brown was able to lay down in the sleeper for the trip and stand up when he needed to.  So, with a little leg work and  the generosity of Alan Ard, we were able to make a big dream come true. Mr. Brown spent 4 days in the Cherokee Mountains. He stayed  in the same  hotel he always stayed  in, made all of the  usual  sight-seeing stops, attended the museums and listened to the live folk music that he loves. The trip was a success and the  Browns were so appreciative of PruittHealth Hospice for being able to make his dream come  true.  Mr. Brown said, "even if l knew I would have died on this trip, I still would have gone. What a blessing it was to see those beautiful mountains one more time with my wife." We, at PruittHealth Hospice are so glad and thankful we could make it happen, but even though Mr. Brown says it was a blessing to him, it was truly a blessing  to us, to see his last wish come true and to be a part of it. 

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