Bessie from Farmville, North Carolina
Ms. Bessie's Family Visit

Bessie Lee is a 93 year old woman who lives in Kinston.  She has cerebrovascular disease and is bedbound. Ms.. Lee is extremely close with her 2 sons and family is what is most important to her. Ms.Lee has limited income and sitters cost a lot to provide her necessary care at this point. 

Ms. Lee would love more than anything to see her son, David, one last time who resides in Sparta NC (240 miles, 4 hr drive).  David and his wife are both disabled and finances are tight. In order for them to visit, it would cost Ms.Lee and her family $48/day car rental for 6 days ($300), $200 for gas, food expenses and pet boarding costs.  

We are making efforts to raise money for the food and pet boarding, but we ask for your help to provide funding for the transportation enabling Bessie to reunite with her family one last time.

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  • Farmville, North Carolina