Myrtle from Jacksonville, FL
Gone Fishing!


Myrtle's Dream since she moved south to live close to her daughter is to go fishing again!  No problem.... On Tuesday September 30th Myrtle will be going fishing with daughter and some of her friends she has made here at Elmcroft.  One an entertainer who has adopted her, Dave Shilby.  He will be singing to her as she is fishing to bring the fish to her!  Then local fisherman Mark Collins will pick the location and bring all the gear needed.  John Alexander from Nurse on Call will be her helper to ensure all needs are me.  We plan to go to Hugonot Park.  We are going prepared with a cooler to bring back her catch to have our Dining Service Manager cook them up.... On our way home the group will stop for a lunch out.  Sure to be a great day for Myrtle!

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  • Jacksonville, FL